diy: girly diaper covers


if you are anything like me, you have a million diaper covers from your little girl’s wardrobe you never know what to do with. every dress comes with one and there is really no rhyme or reason to the sizing. I recently bought some super cute trim without a purpose and, while I was going through the baby’s clothes, realized I could make some “shorts” out of the colorful diaper covers.

all you need is some trim and a sewing machine and you are on your way to adorable, custom looking shorts.


Joann Fabrics currently has some great crocheted and lace trim in their front bins near the cash registers. it only costs $1.99 for a few yards!



these two are for the baby, can’t wait to see her tiny legs in them!

DSC_1835-2 these are for my goofy two year old, loving these pom poms.

one thing to note, make sure you sew the trim on under the elastic so you can still put them on!


tea organizer solution

DSC_1820before I tell you about this genius idea I must say my husband came up with it. he sometimes asks me what my favorite gift has been from him and I always think of this one first (shh, don’t tell him).  he found this organizer at T.J.Maxx for $5.99 and it makes my mornings so much more exciting (yes, we live such a crazy life over here). This would be a great gift for Mother’s Day!


instead of having all my tea crammed into boxes in a cabinet I have them displayed in this wonderful lazy Susan office organizer. it also helps me realize when I am running out of my favorites. I am sure you can find these at Target too, but I love the wood/metal combo of this one.


you can even add your loose leaf bags. on a side note, did you know that peppermint is a natural waker-upper? just steep some peppermint leaves (different than mint) and drink in the morning, no caffeine needed.


this little organizer keeps reminding me to drink raspberry leaf tea (not a fav) to get this baby moving along. it doesn’t really work, I don’t think, but makes me feel productive.


free natural accents


I am always on the lookout for cheap (ie: free) things to add to my décor stash in the basement and can often hord random branches, glass bottles (like these) and baskets.

this Christmas we were getting the bottom of our Christmas tree chopped off (we weren’t able to cut one down this year!) when I noticed a bunch of little stumps all over the yard. I started to freak out and asked the super nice, Santa Claus looking man if I could have them. he begged me to take them away. I can’t remember how many I brought home, but it was a bag full.


I’ve used them for candle holders, mounts for Christmas decorations and small plate stands. they always add a little texture to any tablescape as well.


so, next time you see a tree farm, make sure you take some off their hands. you will have to wait a few months though.

diy: dried plant parts art


two years ago I grew my first sunflower and could not believe how large it was! it was fun to watch grow, even if I forgot to harvest the seeds before the birds got to them. once the beauty was done it’s show, I grabbed some of the leaves to use as art. I love dried hydrangea art in coastal houses so I tried to replicate it. the outcome was pretty and memorable, win win.


plant parts


heavy objects (book etc)

rubber cement

Krylon clear protective spray

poster board


-lay plant parts out as flat as possible in between newspaper in a dry place. under a couch or in your garage if it’s hot out works great. if you overlap the parts or if the area isn’t dry enough, they will brown from moisture. to be safe, I dried twice the amount I was going to use and chose the best. lay something heavy over newpaper and let rest for at least 5 days.

– once dried, mount onto poster board with rubber cement and allow to dry for an hour or so. then spray with finishing spray to preserve.

that’s it!


I love how ours turned out, you can see them right when you walk in the house.


I used the back side of our leaves because I loved the details. God’s handiwork is so beautiful.

colored glass vases


our family has always been a huge fan of San Pellegrino water. it’s probably just because we feel cool drinking fancy water but either way it tastes great and has a use after you drink all that refreshing liquid.

after buying a 6 pack of the small bottles for a picnic (so fun) I decided to save the bottles and stuck them on my window sill so I would remember to remove the wrappers. the next morning the sun shown through the glasses and looked so pretty I decided to use them as vases.


I love these little guys and have even used them as syrup holders for a birthday party. I also just read about using them as a holder for any essential oils cleaners, brilliant!


do you repurpose bottles for anything?

diy: kid’s story board

DSC_1805we went to the art museum a few months back and my toddler loved playing with the ginormous flannel board wall they had in the kids section. I wanted to create something similar at home she could make stories with but knew I probably shouldn’t cover a whole wall (don’t tempt me).

I ended up making this little story board that sits in the playroom with a few inexpensive supplies. I need to make some more things to add to the mix, like a doll with clothes (good idea, heading to the craft room after typing) and some trees/houses etc.



large, inexpensive canvas from local craft store

wooden painted characters





– I used a canvas I didn’t have any use for, but you could cover a piece of thick cardboard as well. wrap a dark piece of felt around board and staple to the back with a staple gun.

– grab any characters you like, we got ours from Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby for less than a dollar a piece, and hot glue the rough part of Velcro to the back. if you have access to a laminator you could do lots of cool things.


because this is so light you could use it for a Sunday School class or show and tell at school. how cool would your kid be then?

toy review: target little girl’s kitchen


I have a confession…I totally get sold on kids toys that are wooden, expensive and look like a minimalist would have them in their house. silly, yes, but they get me every time. I am not one to always fall prey to the marketing, however, so I try to find alternatives that don’t have the crazy price tags ($350 for a kids toy?!)

this awesome wooden kitchen from Target was super easy to put together and, although it was more colorful than I would like, is a perfect little addition to our play room. I had looked up tons of pins on pinterest to make my own but by the  time I would have bought all the supplies and founda moment to paint, my toddler would be 15 and I would have spent twice the amount of money.


this little kitchen came with a bunch of utensils, pots and even “sauces”. we added wooden food from Melissa and Doug that is super cute and I donated a dish scrubber to the sink.


if you are patient enough, you can add a pot of dried beans and your toddler will be occupied for at least 30 minutes (=an eternity in toddler play time).

DSC_1811 overall, totally worth the $50 dollars and, I will admit, has cute colors.

have you found any good deals on kitchens for your kids?